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  • Create custom Stowbots (max of 4)
  • Sorts GIF images
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$10.00 / year


  • Create custom Stowbots (max of 8)
  • Sorts GIF images
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$22.00 / year


  • Create custom Stowbots (max of 32)
  • Sorts GIF images
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$50.00 / year

Pricing FAQ

How do I know how many Stowbots I need?

Each Stowbot organizes the images entering one folder into that folder's subfolders.
You can choose a plan based on the number of incoming folders you would like to have sorted.

What is "max" referring to?

Each plan has a maximum number of concurrent Stowbots.
Adding and deleting Stowbots below that limit is free, so
you can rebuild or restructure your sorting set-up as needed.

Will I be able to change the plan later?

You can change your plan at any time.